The Geek Factory brand is a brand specializing in the world of board games, pop culture and events.

Created in 2015, it has grown rapidly and currently has 9 points of sale in France and Canada.


The Geek Factory stand out for their deep philosophy of inclusion: warm, friendly and family-friendly shops, decorated in the New York “Soho” style, emphasize a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all ages. The brick, wood and wrought iron tables make it a welcoming and pleasant place where the family as well as the more assiduous players rub shoulders in a respectful and jovial atmosphere.

Far from the lairs of elitist gamers or large impersonal brands, a Geek Factory seduces with its relaxed and friendly side. Everyone easily finds their account and wants to come back!

The weekly events, the staff always up to date with the latest news and the quality of our service have made our reputation throughout France and place us today as one of the European leaders in terms of game shops.


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