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Monceau Fleurs, more than 300 varieties of flowers and plants.

Democratizing the sale of flowers and plants by offering them in self-service, this is the concept of Monceau Fleurs, which since 1965 has remained the same. In your Val d'Europe shopping center, we offer you a wide range of choices to please you (styles, colors and shapes), while benefiting from exceptional value for money. Flowers, plants and floral arrangements to choose on the spot or to order, come and discover all our creations which follow the trends of decoration and which are made every day by our florists.


For your small dishes, think of edible flowers by creating refined recipes. Here are some ideas and meanings of the language of flowers :

- The Celosia is a funny flower token of friendship. To offer without hesitation!

- Gentian expresses pain or suffering. Offer a bouquet of gentians to express your discomfort to someone.

- The Camellia symbolizes perfect beauty!

- The Anemone is the symbol of perseverance, do not hesitate to offer some to support a loved one!

- By offering a Bougainvillea, you signify your interest in this person.

- Symbol of pride, it would not be very wise to offer an Amaryllis to a loved one.

- Lavender is a symbol of a tender and passionate love.

- The Sunflower means great admiration, you mean to the person to whom you offer it that you love it and that it dazzles you!

- The pink Rose symbolizes joy, happiness and tenderness.

- The White Rose is synonymous with pure love and elegance, give it to a loved one

- The wonderful Poinsettia brings love and warmth into the house, its bright colors bring hope, strength and calm, in addition, these flowers have a de-stressing effect.

- Queen Marguerite has several meanings depending on her color. If it is purple or pink: "So much love surrounds you", if it is blue: "belief", and if it is white, it is a sign of unconditional love.


Monceau Fleurs Val d'Europe, the only luxury that is not a luxury.

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Monceau Fleurs

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