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waterdrop® was founded in Vienna in 2017, with a mission to encourage everyone to Drink More Water and in doing so, lead healthier and more sustainable lives. 

Having said that, waterdrop® does not actually sell water, but rather, Microdrinks—the finest of fruit and plant extracts compressed in the shape of a small cube. These portable sugar-free cubes dissolve in water to create refreshing beverages enriched with vitamins and flavors you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. To cater to every palate and lifestyle, waterdrop® offers an extensive range of varieties—such as Microenergy for those who need an energy boost and Microlyte for the sport aficionados that need a top-up of electrolytes. 

To elevate the entire drinking experience, we also offer bottles made of high-quality borosilicate glass and double-walled stainless steel so you can Drink More Water in style. Come to your shopping center, near the Volga gate "porte de Volga"  to try our flavors and check out our offers yourself!

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