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Baboo Tea is a Taiwanese Bubble Tea company founded in France. Its founder was born in one of Taiwan's beautiful countryside, into a family of tea growers for generations. She grew up drinking Bubble Tea prepared by her grandmother, a recipe made from tea leaves freshly picked by her grandfather. For her, the taste of home is the smell of milk tea. Out of love for her culture and nostalgia for her hometown, the founder had the idea of creating her own brand of Bubble Tea in France. She hopes to bring some good tea grown by her family there, so that she can not only drink a sip of Bubble Tea that will bring back memories of her hometown, but also pass that happiness on to more people.


Brand Vision: Make Bubble Tea an everyday necessity, not an everyday luxury It should be part of our daily lives, which is why we want everyone to be able to afford to drink Bubble Tea.


Find Baboo Tea in your shopping center, on the Square of stars "Place des Etoiles".

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Baboo Tea

Baboo Tea

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