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At Jeff De Bruges Val d'Europe, chocolate is in the spotlight: dark or milk, ballotins, fine pralines, ganaches, light mousses... Discover the intense pleasure that quality chocolate provides, thanks to our productions made from noble products, as well as the care and attention we pay to our recipes.

Jeff de Bruges transports you to a world of subtle flavors, where gluttony reigns and where the only flaw is not to succumb to temptation! To offer or to treat yourself, our chocolate is perfect! In our chocolate factory in Val d'Europe, our advisers will help you choose the products best suited to your wishes and introduce you to all our ranges, in particular the Martial collection for your wedding or baptism ceremonies or our specialties such as nougatine squares. The entire Jeff de Bruges team will meet you on level 1 of the Val d'Europe shopping center, between the Porte de la Volga and the Porte de Seine, on Les Passages Parisiens.

The preservation of chocolate

 Protect your chocolate from heat and humidity, at a temperature between 16 and 20°C. You can keep Jeff de Bruges products in their packaging. If a white film appears on the surface of your chocolate, don't worry. Chocolate is fragile and this is due to a change in temperature, but this does not affect its taste or quality in any way.

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Jeff de Bruges

Jeff de Bruges

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