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Point Smoke is one of the leaders in the sale of electronic cigarettes in Ile de France. Building on its success since 2012, Point Smoke is a professional network of more than 40 stores.


Point Smoke was born from a passion for the world of electronics with a strong taste for technological innovations that allow people to live better and healthier lives.

The electronic cigarette being part of this context, we decided to share and make discover our universe. Come and meet us, we will be able to give you the best advice and offer you the electronic cigarette best suited to your profile, we will accompany you in your approach to quitting or reducing your tobacco consumption. We only sell branded and quality equipment. Our e-liquids are all certified and compliant. A wide range of more than 200 flavors is available in store. We look forward to having you test and discover our universe!

Go to the Point Smoke shop on level 0 of your Val d'Europe shopping center where a warm and dynamic team will introduce you to the world of Point Smoke while presenting you with the advantages of the electronic cigarette, for a consumption healthier.

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Point Smoke

Point Smoke

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