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Yogurt Factory: your factory for making happiness and smiles in Val d'Europe!


Yogurt Factory starts from a very simple principle: the great classics are made to be diverted and revisited. The brand has therefore taken over one of the great classics of our diet, yogurt, and rejuvenated it, refreshed it, to make frozen yogurt: 0% fat and 100% gourmet on which everyone can add to their as garnishes (toppings) such as fresh fruit, cereals, coulis or biscuits of all kinds. And at Yogurt Factory, the toppings are in unlimited quantities! For a set price, you can add as much topping as you want as long as it fits in your pot.

Yogurt Factory is also Smoothies, Milkshakes and sumptuous Liège waffles to garnish as you wish to satisfy all the gourmet shoppers of Val d'Europe!

The Yogurt Factory teams, dressed in their red overalls, meet you on level 1 of Val d'Europe.

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Yogurt Factory

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