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Balaboosté jewelry, watches and accessories at the Val d'Europe center

At Balaboosté, for 20 years, we have been sketching jewelery and then making it all over the world. We are inspired by New York, London or Dubai, we watch you in the street and on the web and then we design jewelry, just for you. On our eshop and in our shop in the Val d'Europe shopping center, we offer marvels at low prices in tune with the times, but also classics such as a golden bangle, a pearl necklace or a perfect hoop.

Passionate, our teams of stylists always imagine the jewel you need. In our Parisian workshop, they imagine the one that, in one detail, will wake up an outfit (or a gray morning), the one that will please your mother as a gift and your lover, for the eyes, the one to have this season and the one we want for life… Our earrings, our necklaces and our bracelets are there to beautify you and give you the power to be yourself. Accessorize your outfits, change according to your desires, come, come back, have fun, Balaboosté is made for you.

Balaboosté is happy to welcome you to its fourth and largest store in the Val d'Europe shopping center. New flagship of the brand, the shop offers a wide range of constantly renewed products, with more than 1000 jewelry references, trendy accessories and exclusive models!

Find the Balaboosté store on level 1 of the Val d'Europe shopping center, near the Danube Gate, towards the Balcon des Halles.

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